We Need Your Support

To be able to compete in the Botball Competition

There are many ways that you can help our team. Here are a few suggestions.
playlist_add_check Wish List

Take a look at our wishlist to see if you can provide any of the tools and equipment we need.

account_circle Mentorship

We would love it if you or anyone you know can teach us new methods of building or programming robots!

business Sponsorships

If your business would be willing to support our team with a sponsorship, please let us know!

attach_money Donations

You can find instructions for how to donate here. We are very grateful for donations of any amount.

playlist_add_check Wish List

Here are some items that we would like to have. Click more info to see why we need them.

account_circle Mentorship

Bring your skills

To help us improve ours
code Programming

If you have knowledge of programming C or C++, we would love if you could teach us how to write code that makes our robots complete complex actions, such as working out how to determine location based on sensor data.

build Engineering

If you have knowledge in engineering, especially robot assembly, we would appreciate if you could help us build complex designs for our robots based on the competition guidelines and objectives.

business Sponsorships

Why Should You Sponsor Us?

We work together and teach each other concepts of teamwork, programming, and engineering that can applied later in jobs in the ever-growing STEM field.

You Get

Your company's logo on our team t-shirts, our website, and even our robot. The logo on our website will link to your website and has a customizable line of text underneath.

We Get

Funding for our team. Since this is a student-run club, we need funding for competition fees, transportation, building our practice game board, and other miscellaneous costs.
Anything you can give goes a long way.

attach_money Donations

Any donation goes a long way

All donations are tax-deductable. Our nonprofit tax id number is 95-1916048. If you want to donate with a check, you can find all contact information on the contact us page. All checks should be made payable to North Hollywood High School Student Body and the check should mention "Botball" in the memo section. That way you can make sure the money gets to us.

You can also donate through PayPal. We don't recommend this method for smaller amounts since PayPal takes 3% of the donation. Also, since the PayPal account is for our school, it is not as easy for us to access. If you do donate through PayPal, state that the donation is for Botball somewhere in the seller instructions.